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Diseases of the Lacrimal Secretory System


Diseases of the Lacrimal Secretory System 

Acute dacryoadenitis




Acute inflammation of the lacrimal gland.




Causative organism:


- Usually viral as mumps.


- Staph., strept. and gonococci.


Route of infection:


- Blood born.


- Direct extension from lid or conjunctiva.


- Exogenous from penetration trauma.


Clinical picture:-




- Painful swelling  over the gland.


- Fever, headache and malaise.




- The gland becomes palpable, red, hot and tender.


- Pus may point in the region of the gland.


- S - shaped deformity of the lid margin due enlargement of the palpebral portion of the gland.


- Down and nasal proptosis due to enlargement of the orbital portion of the gland.




1. Antibiotics, hot fomentations and analgesics.


2. If pus is pointing it should be drained by a skin incision.

NB. Miculicz disease: It is bilateral lacrimal and parotid enlargement. It has many causes as sarcoidosis, leukemia or lymphomas